Explore the Waterways of Arkansas

Arkansas is a state in the southern United States known for its diverse waterways, which include rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and bayous. Here's a description of the main waterways in Arkansas:

1. Mississippi River: The Mississippi River forms Arkansas's eastern border, serving as one of the most significant and iconic waterways in the United States. It provides vital transportation for goods, with commercial ports in cities like West Memphis and Helena-West Helena. The river also offers recreational activities such as boating and fishing.

2. Arkansas River: The Arkansas River flows through the central part of the state, running from west to east. It is a major tributary of the Mississippi River. The McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System has transformed this river into a navigable waterway, facilitating the transport of goods. It also offers opportunities for boating, fishing, and wildlife watching.

3. Ouachita River: The Ouachita River runs through southwestern and central Arkansas, offering excellent opportunities for fishing and canoeing. It flows through the Ouachita Mountains, a region known for its scenic beauty and outdoor recreational activities.

4. White River: The White River flows through northern Arkansas, primarily in the Ozark Mountains region. It is famous for its world-class trout fishing and is a popular destination for anglers. The river is dammed in places, creating reservoirs like Bull Shoals Lake and Table Rock Lake.

5. Arkansas Lakes and Reservoirs: Arkansas is home to numerous lakes and reservoirs, many of which were created by damming rivers. Some notable ones include Beaver Lake, Lake Hamilton, Lake Ouachita, and Greers Ferry Lake. These bodies of water are popular for boating, fishing, swimming, and camping.

6. Bayous: In the southern and eastern parts of the state, you'll find a network of bayous, especially in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain. Bayous are slow-moving, swampy waterways that provide important habitat for wildlife and are known for their unique ecosystems.

7. Buffalo National River: The Buffalo National River, located in northern Arkansas, is one of the few undammed, free-flowing rivers in the United States. It is a popular destination for canoeing, kayaking, and camping, offering scenic beauty and a chance to explore the wilderness.

8. Caddo River: This river flows through the Ouachita Mountains in southwestern Arkansas and is known for its clear water and recreational opportunities, including tubing and paddling.

9. Delta Region Waterways: In the eastern part of the state, you'll find a network of rivers and lakes in the Mississippi Delta region, including the St. Francis River and Horseshoe Lake, which provide opportunities for fishing, boating, and wildlife viewing.

10. Spring-fed Streams: Arkansas has numerous spring-fed streams, such as the Spring River and the Little Red River, known for their clear waters and excellent trout fishing.

Arkansas's waterways offer a wide range of recreational opportunities, from fishing and boating to hiking and wildlife watching. They are also essential for the state's economy, providing transportation routes and supporting industries like agriculture and tourism.

Water Temperature and Weather by Waterway in Arkansas

Alum Fork Saline River, Paron, AR

Arscenic Spring, Hot Springs, AR

Bayou Meto, Lonoke, AR

Board Camp Creek, Board Camp, AR

Buffalo River, Kingston, AR

Cache River, Patterson, AR

Cossatot River, Vandervoort, AR

Crystal Spring, Hot Springs, AR

Deep Bayou, Fresno, AR

Fish Lake Ditch, Altheimer, AR

Fordyce Spring, Hot Springs, AR

Gap Creek, Board Camp, AR

Hale Spring, Hot Springs, AR

L'Anguille River, Colt, AR

L'Anguille River, Whitehall, AR

Lake Maumelle, Natural Steps, AR

Lake Maumelle, Roland, AR

Lake Maumelle, Roland, AR

Lake Winona, Paron, AR

Little Red River, Dewey, AR

Little Red River, Heber Springs, AR

Maumelle River, Bigelow, AR

Middle Fork of Little Red River, Shirley, AR

Mud Creek, Johnson, AR

North Fork River, Salesville, AR

North Sylamore Creek, Fifty Six, AR

Osage Creek, Cave Springs, AR

Ouachita River, Jones Mill, AR

Quapaw Spring, Hot Springs, AR

Red River, Texarkana, AR

Salt Bayou Ditch, Humphrey, AR

South Fork of Little Red River, Clinton, AR

Spring 49, Hot Springs, AR

Spring 9, Hot Springs, AR

Spring Creek, Cave Springs, AR

Strawberry River, Poughkeepsie, AR

Superior Spring, Hot Springs, AR

Town Branch, Fayetteville, AR

Two Prairie Bayou, Carlisle, AR

War Eagle Creek, Hindsville, AR

War Eagle Creek, War Eagle, AR

West Fork White River, Fayetteville, AR

White River, Bull Shoals, AR

White River, Calico Rock, AR

White River, Eureka Springs, AR

White River, Fayetteville, AR

White River, Lakeview, AR

White River, Lakeview, AR